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A Day in Leh

Leh is filled with all types of people, from dried fruit vendors that each of us has visited multiple times and aggressive pashmina scarf salesmen to monks in all red outfits and tourists with sunglasses and a hand perched on their head to block out the sun. The main Bazaar is home to a bustling crowd walking in all different directions and speeds while also a having room for sleeping dogs to lay out in the sun or shade undisturbed by the commotion that envelops them. As the main Bazaar ends, one will encounter a busy road lined with general appliance stores on one end, windy roads occupied mostly by cows making to limited grazing areas on the other, or old house uniform and paste red not the side of the mountains just behind it. The entire surrounding of the upcoming city include mountains, military bases, the Indus River, small villages, and more mountains. Leh is filled with spirit and surrounded by peaceful and beautiful traditions.