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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

5 Things my Bhutanese Family Thinks about Americans

5 Things my Bhutanese Family Thinks about Americans:

5. We play soccer:

Some of the first icebreakers my homestay brother has in store for us were “Have you been following the World Cup?” and “What is your favorite soccer league team?” In addition, when I went to play later with the Bhutanese teenagers and young adults, they seemed to be shocked when I could barely dribble without tripping over myself.

4. We need hot water for everything:

Partly this would just be a result of the value of hospitality in the Himalayan region, but my homestay family did not let me bathe last night because they did not have hot water. Also, when I was washing my clothes, the repeatedly asked me if they should bring hot water because the lukewarm water I was using was “too cold.”

3. We always watch TV:

Whenever I am with my homestay family, they often try to entertain me by watching television. Yesterday I was sitting in the living room reading a book about Bhutan when my homestay brother came in and turned on the TV, only to give me the remote.

2. We can not sit cross-legged:

When I first arrived in my homestay house, my family did all they could to force me to sit on the bench against the wall rather than the floor, saying I would be too uncomfortable. Finally, they allowed me to sit on the floor, but only if I used a cushion.

1. We eat eggs at every meal:

This one is weird and I don’t know why they think this, but for every meal they serve us scrambled eggs with out rice. Even at out 5th-6th meal they will smile and point to the scrambled eggs left on the pan after we are full and finish eating. I am definitely not eating eggs for a long time when I get back.