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30 For 30

There were 300 trees, and we were instructed to plant all of them in about 3 hours. No problem. In order to plant a Cyprus tree, a 1x1x1 hole needs to be dug. The sapling must be carefully removed from its bag and placed into the hole. Then, fine compost should be carefully layered around the sapling. A step that many will miss is the small dance in the hole around the sapling to eliminate any remaining air pockets. The entire process takes around five minutes. The reason for planting all these trees? To put it simply, reforestation: the main goal of Chico Mendez institute, founded by Armando Lopez. Before planting, Armando explained to us that reforestation is really important in Guatemala. There have been many trees lost over the past couple years due to wildfires and deforestation for resources. The trees not only signify a form of passive protest against the government and its tendency to mass consume, but also a gift to future generations. Armando told us that it will take probably 50+ years for the Cyprus to actually grow to the size  of an adult tree, and that he will most likely not be around to see it through. But that did not matter because his son, and his son’s son, and so forth would be able to enjoy their shade.

That got me thinking. 300 trees: about 30 that each individual planted, one for each day we reside in this wonderful country. A seedling representing our mission of awareness and giving back, during our time here in Guatemala. I think it’d be interesting to bring my son, and my son’s son, and so forth here to enjoy the shade as well.