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3 Day Trek

Hola todos,

We started our trek at eight in the morning at the top of a historic Inca Trail, about two hours away from Sucre. We were feeling tired from getting up at 5:30 AM, but there was this excitement of embarking on our trek through the Andes. We made offerings to the virgin of Guadalupe before we made our descent to Maragua. As we walked through the trail, we were blessed with gorgeous sights of the mountains and landscape around us. At the end of the first day´s trail, we climbed up a steep mountain which led us inside a crater where the town of Maragua is situated. We slept there for the night and woke up early yet again with the tough chalenge of hiking out of the crater. We continued until we ate lunch, our bus finished the day´s trip to Potolo. In this small village, we walked to a small farm, and met some of the natives. We watched as Dueña Leona (an ancestor of the royal weavers for the Inca emperors) started a fine peace of cloth with decorations of the underworld and it´s evil spirits. She worked so quickly as if she had photographic memory, it was so incredible. If she made one mistake, she would not be able to replace it. At the end of the day, the native family showed us one of the most traditional rituals of mother earth. Together, we sat around a fire and poured dropplets of alcohol on each corner of the fire. In the morning, we cancelled our last day of trekking to help the same community with their food and crops.