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Hola Family and Friends!

Orientation is going well. We arrived at Ccatan* (our current home) yesturday in the afternoon and the eight of us have been getting used to speaking Spanish. Today we spent some time in Urbamba which is a small pueblo about an hour bus ride from Cusco, finding our way around using the minimal spanish we know. All the comida in Catan is fresh and delicious and most of it is grown locally. Theres lots of cute little dogs and cats running around too which is awesome too.  We have an amazing view of the beautiful Andes montañas and on the way we stopped to look at the sacred valley which is a view we don’t think we could ever forget. Sorry we weren’t able to post any pictures but we can’t wait to show you soon.

Lots of love,

Kayla Hutto, Becky, Marisa

ps. Hallo Fritzi

*Probably spelled wrong