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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Updated International Travel Plan

Dear Guatemala 4 week friends and families,

We have had a big day here in the Boulder office working to source alternative travel options for the Guatemala groups.  We are greatly disappointed by the setback with the flight cancellation, and applaud the students for their patience and flexibility in navigating this challenge right out of the gates.  Fortunately, students and instructors are now making their way to updated departure locations and should be in Guatemala tomorrow morning.

Instructor Raquel and three students from Group B are on a commercial flight arriving to Guatemala City at 9:05 am tomorrow.  The remaining students and instructors will be on a charter flight also arriving at 9 am.  Our community contacts on the ground have been informed of these unfortunate schedule changes, and the remaining instructors have been working on updated itineraries to accommodate the delays without impacting program quality in any way.  They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the students in Guatemala.

We will post Yak updates and photos tomorrow morning once the groups have landed and retrieved their bags at the airport in Guatemala City.

We extend  gratitude as well to the families that have supported this endeavor from afar, and are so excited to see these journey unfold!

Warm regards,

Julianne and the Dragons admin