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Traveling Vs. Tourism

When I think of travelers, I think of people sharing meals, stories, and culture. Tourism does not involve sharing. It is like looking through a window the entire time; you can see one aspect of what’s going on but cannot really experience it, and are giving nothing in return. Pico Iyer said that whatever you discover during your travels, you already had within you. I agree with this. While away in France, I discovered a lighter, more enthusiastic side of myself that has resurfaced again throughout the past year. I had it inside of me the whole time, it showed when I was a child, but it took a new experience to remind me that it was there.

I think it is absolutely possible to travel in your own country. Every community has its own subculture, its own habits and traditions. Anytime you venture out  of your usual routines, you  can choose to be a traveler. On this trip I want to discover new capabilities and aspects of myself, gather stories, and look at each new opportunity as a traveler.