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Touring Sucre, and a Team Made Whole

Hola y’all! It’s Patton, Lucy and “Mr. Cox the Mailbox” here on behalf of the cohort! First and foremost, NUBIA HAS ARRIVED! Five flights and a cardboard box later, she is here with smiles and lots of stories. This morning we had empanadas and a few students joined Mr. Yarsawich at a Catholic mass at the cathedral in Sucre (delivered in Spanish) and were told how to go to the bathroom in the woods (apparently a shovel is required). After we were enlightened more about our trek (shoutout to Boy Scout Master Liam for the details) we made our way around the city of Sucre.

It was an uphill battle, but eventually we made it to the Museum of Indigenous Art. We learned about indigenous culture and textiles through our wonderful tour guides and enjoyed the rest of the day at the local markets where we purchased Alpaca (maybe?) sweaters and lots of bracelets. We then headed to a local bar where we shared sips of chicha (fermented corn drink), but don’t worry parents, we were all disgusted and could not finish our tiny portions. We played a round of alcohol-less frog-pong and played with the precious kitten that we named Eloise (a.k.a. “Weezy”.) Another shoutout to our tour guide “Woodchuck’s” team for the dub.

We continued our journey to the other market where Greg and Sarah picked out some fruits, but to Greg’s dismay, no Doritos were found. The group had Chorizo sammie’s while Leigh, Eliza and LE ingested a box of Fruit Loops. We made our way to a local park where we climbed the “Eiffel Tower” and slid down the dinosaur slides. Eliza and Caroline got their fix of “chocolate-block” after a new addiction was formed during our ten-hour bus ride from Samaipata yesterday. We finally found a spot to exchange dollars for bolivianos—yay! After having some time to rest, we welcomed Nubia with hugs and enjoyed a ceremony and fiesta celebrating the opening of our Hostel, the Celtic Cross.

Tomorrow we begin our trek so we may be off the grid, but no worries, we will have many stories to tell on the backend. All in all, we are having an uber fun time and we will see you in a short nine days. Over and out!

Sending peace, love and blessings,

Patton and Lucy (Michael left after we typed his name, but don’t worry he’s thriving.)