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Rice paddy terraces

The Trip So Far

The first handful of days in China have all been busy and extremely interesting. Our visit to the school in Chengdu was eventful, and despite us only being there for a short time, the entirety of our experience has been great so far. On top of learning about the school community there, we were fortunate enough to be present when their arts festival was happening, which gave us the opportunity to watch their all-school performance and even perform ourselves the last night of our stay. Even though it was nerve-wracking to do, it was a fun event to contribute to, and something all the Colorado Academy students on this trip will remember. Honestly, it was insane. The next day we returned to the hotel we stayed at the night we arrived, did a scavenger hunt at the People’s Park in Chengdu, then ate traditional hot pot later that night. It was great, but pretty spicy. Afterwards, we went to listen to a talk from a panda expert— it was really interesting— then, we walked back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep. After the talk on Friday, we went to see the pandas on Saturday at their enclosures. It was an exciting visit and we truly enjoyed getting the chance to see them because they were super cute. All in all, that leads us to today, since we’ve currently started our long drive to the village where we’ll be having our home-stays.