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The Ice Stupas of Ladakh

Hello fellow travelers!

Your three instructors are currently in the Eastern Sierras at our all-staff orientation. We’re busy planning our course and getting ready to see you in just over one week!

As you might have seen from our itinerary, we will spend the first few days of our course at orientation in a village in Ladakh called Phyang. It has recently become the site of an amazing project that involves “Ice Stupas” or artificial glaciers. While the actual stupas/glaciers will have melted away by the time we get there, we thought you might take a moment to read this article that explains what an Ice Stupa is and why it is important to the region of Ladakh. We will, of course, spend time while we are in Ladakh diving deeper into issues of climate change all over the world and how this relates more specifically to Ladakh.

Looking forward to seeing you all in country so soon!

Christy, Aditya and Uttara