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Thanks for the intros!

Hello students,

First, thank you to Philip, Tava, Sofia, and Kayla for posting their introductions! We have enjoyed reading them. Your stories and reflections have impressed and inspired us. We look forward to the remaining student introductions soon 🙂

Second, we announce that the I-team has united! We’ve spent the last 10 days in the beautiful Eastern Sierra of California at the annual all staff training of Dragons. It has been quite the experience – challenging, tiring, interesting, and most of all inspiring! We’re in Los Angeles now for a few days before heading off to meet you all. Anna will be waiting for you all in MIA while Vanessa and Brian prepare to receive the group in Cusco.

Don’t hesitate to ask any last minute questions that arise. Take care of yourselves and prepare your gear. Support la selección tomorrow morning at 10:00 am EST (9:00 am hora peruana). See ya soon!

– L@s instructores

p.s. we repeat: it will be cold, cold, cold on our trek. Bundle up. Bring a great sleeping bag and warm down jacket. Break in your boots. Please!

p.p.s. the second photo is of us at a nearby café watching the Peru vs Francia game!