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Student Intro

Hi everyone, I’m Carlos. I live in Seattle, Washington and just finished my Sophomore year of high school. I’m very hyped for the trip and to meet all of you! When I was in first and second grade my family lived in Beijing because of my dad’s work, so that’s how I learned how awesome China is, but somehow I managed to learn literally zero Chinese. When I was in middle school I really wanted to take Mandarin but the class was in high demand and I didn’t get accepted, so I’ve been taking Spanish for the last five years. Recently, however, I was watching a lot of Chinese films (sort of like Benjamin 🙂 and I realized that I should really try to learn because I’ve wanted to for a long time but I didn’t think I’d ever actually succeed, so that’s why I wanted to come on board with this quest.

Currently I’m pretty terrible and I only know like 50 words, which I guess is fairly pathetic because I had like five months to learn up until this trip and I’m still trash. My tutor tells me that I’m garbage at vocab but that my pronunciation isn’t that bad. I will try my best to improve though! I hope I’m not too much of an annoyance to the rest of you, maybe if you guys are kind enough to help me learn I can repay you with some fun facts about South America :P.

I guess on a side note my main interests are film and photography. This picture is from a video me and my friends were shooting, I don’t actually play baseball.

See you all around!