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Semaipata to Sucre – The First Days

Hello families,

We’ve had an adventurous first few days in Bolivia, here are some highlights.

First, when we arrived one of the students realized she had lost her passport somewhere between Miami and Bolivia. Unfortunately she was not able to enter the country and after trying all possible options she had to go back and meet her mom in Miami. After three very long flights, she is on her way to join us in Sucre. All of the other students are missing her and are excited to see her again.

Our first stop was to Samaipata, a beautiful small town near the jungle. The scenery was breathtaking, and our lodgings, La Vispera and El Pueblito resort, were nestled against and atop the hillside overlooking the town. We’ve spent time orienting to cultural norms, safety, health and had a brief of the whole itinerary.

Yesterday they were split into small groups and tasked with completing a scavenger hunt. Some of the memorable moments were trying to get locals to tell them a joke, a song and a Spanish slang word. One group bought three kilos of cheese, the other had to buy avocados and the last one bought bread, for snacks on today’s bus ride to Sucre.

We’ve already seen the students engage in trying to communicate with locals, supporting and challenging one another, and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. We the instructors are happy and excited to see this positive behavior so early in the trip.

Please stay tuned to the Yak Board for more updates!


Instructors and Teachers.