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Rice paddy terraces

School Stay Reflection

Hello everybody, we’ve had some very interesting experiences in China so far. One of those experiences was at a local Chinese boarding school, “Hua Shang”. It’s a school that brings in kids from the country side and from rural communities for the school year, so many of the students had seen westerners only once or twice in their entire life. We were met with a response we were not expecting, and the school showered us with love and attention, giving us exclusive classes such as Tai Chi, the art of tea making, and even participation in an all school activity of making “Cong ci”. Cong ci is a rice dish wrapped in reed leaves, and is usually prepared around the time of the Dragon Boat festival, which we learned is a holiday celebrating an ancient Chinese philosopher. We also got the opportunity to watch the all school art festival, where we listened to music, dancing and sitcoms, and we even performed the national anthem. The experience was incredible and is something you should ask your student about when we return to America.