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Scavenger Hunt: Team “Pretty Little Friends”

Hi, it’s Sydney here. Today we had a scavenger hunt and in my group was Morgan, Jasmine, and Ben. We had to find many different things. One in particular is that we had to watch or take a class at Dangsters, which is a dance class place. I loved watching this jazz class and how they did the different dance moves. The dancing at Dangsters is very similar toward American dance styles instead of the traditional Naxi dancing styles. Also for our scavenger hunt someone had to get their hair washed and dried. Morgan got her hair washed and dried, but it was hard because the hair styler spoke little English,
but Morgan hair looked good in the end. Sometimes we got needed to ask for help in Kunming, but the people here are very nice. They literally are so nice because in America most people would not help us so much. Jasmine enjoyed the scavenger hunt so much because as a group we truly bonded. She met a Canadian lady who helped her order a drink because she spoke Chinese. When Morgan was getting her hair washed, it was fun trying to communicate through google translator. Everything got lost in the translation and we didn’t understand each other. The ladies kept touching her hair and she thought it was hilarious. It was truly a fun day.