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Scavenger Hunt

Setting out today Rose, Sammi, Courtney and I decided that if we did nothing else we were at least going to have fun. Energized by our Jikundo(Bruce Lee’s Style) training and power naps, we set out into the vast town of Kunming.

The sidewalks were not straight forcing us to ascend a plethora of stairs before finally reaching the college. There we found an enthusiastic economics student who told us about himself and lead us to a teacher.  From there we went to a bakery and then got candy and haircuts. We then went to a coffee/ ice cream shop called Salvador’s which is very greatly involved in the community. Then we checked out the bookstore, and what we thought was the art museum. From there we did some shopping and went anywhere we thought was vaguely interesting. We found many things including an Adidas jacket. Overall a stellar day.