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Ruby’s Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Ruby, and I’m a rising senior this summer. I live just outside Philadelphia with my parents and two cats, Skippy and Jasper (picture attached because they are small and brothers and the lights of my life). Some of my favorite things are trekking, nature walks, impromptu dance parties, playing my ukulele, meeting new people, and cinematography (I recommend what I’ve been watching lately, Netflix’s Chef’s Table – the melding of music and visuals is absolutely breathtaking). However, ballet is my main love, serving as both my sport and art of choice, and for that reason taking up the majority of my time apart from my schoolwork.

After participating in two programs in Central America last spring and summer, I found myself very deeply affected by what I’d learned about our environment, the respective local cultures, and about myself. I wanted something more mature this summer: more serious cultural immersion, less vacation-y surf lessons and shopping. For this, Dragons seemed the perfect fit. I chose Nepal for many reasons: the trip seemed an ideal balance between city and countryside; I am very interested in analyzing a government that is newly democratic; most of all, I am more than eager to expand my knowledge of eastern religion beyond my well-loved copy of Siddhartha.

To the instructors and my fellow students, I wish you well in these last days of packing and preparation, and I am so looking forward to meeting all of you 🙂

Until the 28th,