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Response to Claire

Hi Claire!

Thanks for introducing yourself! I’d highly encourage others to do the same too!

Thanks for writing with your questions about malaria. We always ask that our students receive medical advice from a doctor, as they certainly know more than we do! I can refer you to the CDC website that discusses the prevalence of malaria in India, and it says: Areas with malaria: All areas throughout the country, including cities of Bombay (Mumbai) and Delhi, except none in areas >2,000 m (6,562 ft) in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Sikkim (see Map 3-29).

We will only be in Delhi for about 12 hours on the day that we land there and the day that we depart, and most of that time we will be in air conditioning (where mosquitoes also can’t live). During our time in Ladakh, we will be in the designated zone above 2,000 meters where the CDC states malaria is not present.

There are possible side effects from each of the prophylactic drugs for malaria, though these present differently in different people. Again here you’d have to take the advice of a doctor to decide what’s right for you, whether to take it at all, and which drug to choose.

Keep the questions coming!


Christy, Uttara, and Aditya