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Pre-Course Task

Hey everyone,

As our time in Bolivia draws closer we’d like to start warming up and preparing ourselves for what lies ahead.

Two big parts of every culture are food and music, they’re generally fundamental to people across the world and Bolivia is no exception. Both food and music play a big part in Bolivian life and are things that your instructors really appreciate as well.

As a way to get you into the Bolivian mindset we’re asking each of you to investigate these two topics. Please investigate a traditional Bolivian dish that you would like to try during your time here. Share with us what is on the Yak board, where it comes from and what you find interesting about it.

Similarly, Bolivia is known for different music in each region as well. Please investigate a Bolivian song or style of music that you find interesting and post about it on the Yak board. Share a link so that we can all hear the song or style and tell us a little bit about what you’ve learned about the music.

When you arrive in country we’ll have time to eat and listen to all the songs and dishes together and learn more about each of them.

Buena Suerte and Provecho!

Sandy, Sarah and Luis