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Lauren Collins Instructor Introduction

Dear Educators, I am so excited to meet you in China and explore together. My Chinese name is 柯柔雨, I am absolutely thrilled to spend time with you learning, exploring, eating, laughing, and growing our professional practices. I am just returned from China yesterday from a month long course and am writing this message to you from beautiful but urban Denver, Colorado looking out at the Rocky Mountains.

I first traveled to China as a high school student myself during my senior year of high school. Spending time in Bangkok, Bhutan, Katmandu, and Tibet expanded my world in ways I never imagined, and is what I consider the root of my journey to understand the many ways in which citizens of the United States and the greater world are intimately connected. Among other adventures, that journey led me to spend four years living, studying, and working in Taipei, Beijing and Macau. Now I am based out of Denver, Colorado and working on the final year of my PhD in Higher Education. I study things like how cross-cultural experiences change us, the impact of neoliberal capitalism on higher education, reciprocal research practices, and my dissertation looks at home a host community in North Thailand experiences U.S. students who come to learn and participate in local homestays. I also teach Global Citizenship at the University of Denver and have brought educators to China many times in the past through the Program for Teaching East Asia.

I have been teaching with Dragons since 2017 and am deeply honored to be a part of this learning community with you. China is one of the most fascinating countries on the planet and we are going to see so much in our two weeks together. I look forward to learning from and with you.