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Las Tortillas Take the Courtyard Marriott

¡Hola familia!

As many of you know we have had a few set backs with our travel to Guatemala. However, we are on our way now and turned this challenge into an opportunity to bond and get excited for our month away. Our countless hours at the airport gave us the opportunity to bond and learn about everyone in our group.

Although we had to say goodbye today to a few of our group members (Abby, Amy and Felice) and our instructor (Raquel), the rest of us are excited for the chartered plane and ultimate destination. What we have learned through this series of unexpected events is that few things in travel are guaranteed but that truth in our case has allowed for us as unique individuals with very different personalities to establish a group culture. Our group has already been through thick and thin and tomorrow only marks our third day… How awesome is that?!

Anyway, these long past days have left us eager to return to our hotel rooms and catch some final American Z’s before beginning the journey of a life time.

Signing off from Fort Lauderdale,

Un feliz pues cansado grupo de dragoncitos