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Zhongdian Hauptplatz, Yunnan, Gebetsmühle in Shangri-La

Kunming, First Impressions

Another post from a few days ago…

To say that this group is exhausted is an understatement. I’m actually really impressed with this group of guys and their ability to keep a positive and upbeat attitude even when energy is low. For me, it feels like I’ve been up for two and a half days with sporadic rests here and there. I was more fortunate  than most in terms of getting sleep on the 13 hour flight from Toronto to Beijing, but since we have been traveling througout China there has been a constant and troubling sense of exhaustion. The last thing I want to imply is that this group isn’t having fun because believe me. We are. The amount of laughs and  positive attitudes that I’ve been able to share with these group of guys has been a blessing. And we are all having a really fun time while being very tired.

I’m hopeful that in a few days we will all have recovered from the arduous journey and be able to fully participate our efforts for an entire day without the need of a nap.

Right now we are winding down and getting ready for our final sleep in Kunming. I’ve loved learning and exploring this city. The food has been spectacular, the sights have been breathtaking at times, and the people have been more than welcoming.

Tomorrow we will travel the streets and buy our own breakfast,  followed by a debrief and final walk throgh the city. Tomorrow night we will be spending the night on a train to Li Jiang. This will carry our journey to our homestays. Each one of us will have our own individual family for four days. I think this is the scariest part of the trip for me to think about, but  at the same time I am excited for what it will teach me. It helps knowing that all of us will be expeirencing similar situations and can all bond over stories  once it has ended. I’d like to apologize for any spelling errors or poor writing, I am very ready to sleep after two very fun and memorable days in the great city of Kunming. Shoutout to my mom, love you tons. Until next time, Josh McBride