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My name is James Burton and I am going into my senior year at Northfield Mount Hermon, a boarding school in Western Massachusetts. Before this, I went to an inner-city public school called East High School, in Denver, Colorado. It ended up being too easy for me, so I decided to switch schools. After about fourteen years of living in Denver, my family and I recently moved to Boston to support my dad at his new job, so I have been living here since the beginning of 2018.

Being at boarding school is a whole different life for me, as I live there for about nine months out of the year. There, I am a tri-varsity athlete with two seasons of crew and the other season of swimming. When I am not loaded with work to do, I make sure I stay in shape by running three days a week, as well as an occasional half marathon.

Academically, I am interested in math and science. More specifically, I have done a couple independent studies on marine biology, however, I have decided once I go to college, I would like to become a doctor. Additionally, I decided I was so interested in marine biology that I became advanced open water SCUBA certified with an additional nine special certifications.

I am excited to take my love for marine biology, medicine, science, community, and culture to venture for six weeks throughout Indonesia with this group.

See you all soon,


(This is a picture of me in Marthas Vinyard, MA)