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Introduction! (:

Selamat pagi (good afternoon) fellow Dragons!

Nama saya (my name is) Chloé! I will be one of your fellow students on this incredible journey we’ll all be experiencing together. I hope that you’re all just as excited and just as busy preparing for this trip as I am!

A few things about me:

I was born and have lived in the Los Angeles area of California for all of my life. I live with my mom, dad and two dogs. My favorite animal is the wolf, and I love to eat!! I really enjoy expanding my food palate by trying different things. I am 17 years old, and a recent graduate of La Habra High School. I was one of the team captains on my school’s colorguard team, and through that found a love for dance of all kinds. I have a desire to study children’s education, namely in the art subject. Art has been a constant throughout my life; it gives me a way to express myself in a way that I believe words can’t. I play a multitude of different instruments, including drums, keyboard/piano, and melodian, and I am also trying to pick up the electric guitar. I’m a martial artist and have been for most of my life (14 years worth of it) and am soooo close to reaching my black belt!

I love exploring the world, and seeing what we can learn from it in doing so. My first experiences traveling were with my parents. We ventured to different iconic locations across California; the Mojave Preserve and Catalina Island were a few of these. My desire to travel, however, did not stop in California. I went on to venture to the island of Oahu in Hawaii, different locations around Florida, the Grand Canyon in Utah, various locations on the East Coast, and to many, many different locations around Mexico City. During the summer of my sophomore to junior year, I was presented with the incredible opportunity to travel to China with my dojo. Naturally, I took it. For 20 days, we traveled the bustling cities of Shanghai and Beijing, and found calm in more rural areas such as Dengfeng and the Wudang Mountains (yes, that place in the new Karate Kid ). I even tested for my next ranking belt in the Purple Cloud Temple, located in said mountains. It was truly such a beautiful place and I can’t wait to go back and see more!!! I also had the opportunity to take a 3 1/2 hour bus ride to the Great Wall; yes, it was extremely steep and yes, it was very hot! However, I would do it all over again if presented with the opportunity.

I am so, so excited to go on this trip with all of you. I can’t wait to see all of the memories we make together! (:

-Chloé McClellan