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Hola! My name is Sofia. I am 16 years old and just finished my sophomore year.  I am from a small town called Pacifica outside of San Francisco. I attend an all-girls school called Mercy. I really enjoy listening to all types of music, being out in nature, photography, swimming, and soccer. I especially like trying new things.

Traveling has always been something that I love. I always enjoy being outdoors but I am not experienced with a lot of hiking, so this will be something new! I am excited to get to meet you guys and be out of my element. The main reason why I decided to come on this trip is that I was adopted from Guatemala. I have been to Guatemala a couple of times. I believe that this will be a different experience. Hopefully, it will be a way that I can learn more about my culture and where I come from. I have been studying Spanish for some time, but I really hope I can improve and learn more about what Guatemala has to offer.

See you all soon,