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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.


Hi, my name is Nikki Farber, I am a rising junior from Fairfield County, Connecticut. My school sends a lot of students on Dragons trips so I heard about the program from some of my friends who went on similar trips, though none to Morocco.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loves traveling and instilled in me an appreciation for different cultures and global experiences. Personally, I chose Morocco because of its rich history in terms of religion, culture, and unique national identity. I love swimming, playing field hockey, reading, and drinking what some people would say is too much coffee. I have never been to any country in Africa and I think I am most excited to learn Moroccan Arabic. I grew up speaking Polish at home and having that experience really emphasized to me the benefit of language as a means to connect with people. Though I’m not expecting any means of fluency in Arabic, I hope I can get that experience to some extent on this trip. I am so excited and I cannot wait to meet all of you!