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hi everyone,

My name is Owen, and I am from Santa Barbara, California. and I am super excited to get to know you guys over the next couple of weeks, I am most excited to hike Machu Picchu and try all of the amazing foods that I have heard so much about (I am a bit of a foodie).

When there aren’t fires and mudslides you can usually find me playing music, hiking, SCUBA diving, or hanging out with friends. I am a bit of a music nerd, and I love jamming with my friends on the guitar, playing with the jazz band, or writing songs in the music studio. I love hiking with my family, and diving with some of my friends at school as we have the privilege of having the channel islands in our backyard.

I love Spanish. I have been speaking it for years, and I am quite proficient with it. I am going to be taking AP literature next year, so if you have any Spanish needs I am welcome to help.

PS. Latinoamérica por Calle 13 was kinda my anthem at Spanish camp last year.


Some things I found out about Pachamama:

Like Anso said, Pachamama is a Peruvian deity that represents earth and fertility. She is a generous goddess prayed to before every harvest in hopes of enough food. For those who practice Christianity or are familiar with the religion, she is considered to be the Virgin Mary by many present-day Peruvian Christians. She is notable for being responsible for earthquakes in Andes religion.