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Information of Malaria and Rabies

Hi all,

We have had a few questions about malaria and rabies risk in Nepal. Please see below for our responses.


  • We would like to inform you all that we will not be travelling to malaria zones on our program. As instructor, we will not be personally taking any malaria prophylaxis, however we are not doctors. We encourage you all to discuss with your travel doctor what is best for you.
  • For additional information here is a link to advice on malaria from the most reputable travel clinic in Nepal. There will be mosquitoes at this time of year, so INSECT REPELLANT is useful. Please bring a personal supply withy you.
  • According to the CDC, “Malaria is not a risk for most travellers to Nepal. There is no transmission of malaria in Kathmandu (including Patan, Bhaktapur) or Pokhara, the two main cities in Nepal. All the main trekking routes in Nepal are free of malaria transmission. Also note that many malaria prophylactics have side effects that should be considered before committing to travel for four weeks in a foreign country. We hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.


  • While rabies is present in the region and dog bites can occur, clinics in Kathmandu that specialize in the care of foreigners almost always have complete post exposure rabies prophylaxis, including human rabies immune globulin.
  • See this site for more information: and

Your Instructor Team