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Independent Study Project (ISP)

What is an Independent Study Project (ISP)?

The ISP is a way for you to pursue something you are excited about. The majority of the hands-on ISP work is done in Jogja because that’s where we have the most consistent access to mentors/teachers in specific crafts and traditions. You can expect to devote several afternoons a week exploring a hands-on topic in Jogja (e.g., learning a craft such as silver smithing, creating woodblock printing, cooking Indonesian dishes, etc.).

We’ll talk more about all of this in-country. For now, here are some options that past students have pursued in Jogja:

  • Food: cooking, street food, the spice trade, rice cultivation, identity through food e.g. Chinese, Muslim, Hindu, Javanese, Bajau, Flores cuisine.
    • Performing Arts: Gamelan, Javanese dance.
    • Crafts and Textiles: Silver smithing, batik, leather puppet making (wayang kulit), bird cage making.
    • Medicine and Healing: traditional medicine (Jamu).
    • Economies: exploring different livelihoods in/around the city.
    • Visual Story Telling: Street art, woodblock printing, story telling through photography/video/drawings
    • Indonesian Martial art (Pencak Silat)

We’ll talk more about the ISPs during our in-country orientation, but it would be helpful if you identified a couple of topics/projects that interest you, even if it’s pretty vague like music, art, dance, cooking, etc., so we can setup meetings for our first week in Jogja.

Sampai Jumpa!

note: the pictures are students doing their woodblock printing and silver smithing.