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Humintas al Horno & Munasquechay


I’m Lia. I live in Jackson, Wyoming.  I thought I would tell y’all about myself.  I love playing hockey, running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and going on road trips. My older brother did a 3 month Dragon’s program in south-east Asia for his gap year. I’m excited to meet everyone in a few weeks.

Humintas al Horno means baked tamales in Spanish. The dish consists of ground corn, dried chili pepper, anise and criollo cheese. All the ingredients are then baked in a corn husk. Though there are many variations of the recipe, they all consist of similar ingredients. The variations come with how they are cooked (boiled or baked) and any other additions to the recipe. They’re eaten anytime during the day and are very traditional.

The song I chose is ‘Munasquechay’ by Kjarkas. It was written half in Quechua and half in Spanish. The fact that it starts with old and then transitions to the new signifies looking back on tradition along with remembering it. The song is said to be the ultimate expression of love.  The music video helps to fully understand it along with giving you a glimpse into the culture of indigenous people of Bolivia.