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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Homestay Gifts

Hello Bhutan Dragons!

Big thanks to all of you that have posted introduction yaks so far. We’ve enjoyed reading them and getting to know a little bit about you. If you haven’t posted one yet, please make some time to get it up this week.

We’ve gotten a few questions about homestay gifts. First, please remember that homestay gifts are not required or expected by Bhutanese families! We will be staying in one homestay during our time in Bhutan, so if you chose to bring a homestay gift, you only need to bring one. As we mentioned before, please don’t bring anything expensive, big or flashy. Most well received are little trinkets or treats from your hometown!

Please continue to post your questions to the yak board.

Thank you,

Topaz, Nick and Rebecca.