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Hola a Todos!

Hi dear participants!

My name is Nicté and I am a “chapina” – that’s how Guatemalans call themselves. I was born in Totonicapán, a department of Guatemala, and I lived there until I was 10 years old. Then I moved to Xela to a rural Quiché Mayan community called Pachaj, where people plant corn and are friendly and where there is a lot of forest around.

Do you know what the name Guatemala means? It means “place of many trees”! My family works for the  Chico Méndes Reforestation Project contributing to environmental protection by planting trees. This is where I first met the Dragons. I have shared my home, food, and culture with different groups like you. I also work as a Spanish teacher with Dragons groups when they arrived in Pachaj.

I studied tourism and business administration and I have worked as a travel guide. I like to walk in the mountains. In Guate, there are many mountains, including 37 volcanoes. I have already climbed 7 and my dream is to climb all of them someday!

On our course, I will be the local instructor, sharing the way of life and culture of my country as well as my knowledge about history. I will be the person that helps to understand how life is viewed from a Guatemalan perspective and talk about the concerns that you as participants have about general aspects of the country. I would like you to feel involved in the program and be confident about asking anything related to Guatemala. (And anything else, too!)

I am very excited to meet you and to share with you my country, the way of life, customs, traditions, and beliefs, to walk with you among mountains, and to exchange language: I can help with Spanish and it would be great if you could help me with English!

The photo was taken in Tajumulco, the highest volcano in Guatemala at 4222 meters above sea level.

Hasta muy pronto,