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HIES flight cancelation and new return itinerary

Dear Global Families,

We received some rough news at the airport this morning: due to inclement weather, our return flight, AA 922, was unable to land and was rerouted ahead of us to Santa Cruz. It was not possible for us to get to Santa Cruz in time to catch it, and we were forced to make alternative flight arrangements.

Our updated itinerary is as follows:

  1. We will fly from La Paz to Santa Cruz this afternoon on BoA OB flight 676, departing at 5:10 PM and arriving in Santa Cruz at 6:15 PM.
  2. We will fly from Santa Cruz to Miami tonight on BoA OB flight 766, departing at 10:30 PM, arriving in Miami at 5:30 AM.
  3. We will fly from Miami to Atlanta tomorrow morning on AA flight 592, departing at 9:57 AM and arriving in Atlanta at 11:49 AM.
This was hard for all of us to hear, at 4:00 AM, with little sleep, and expectations running high for sleeping in our own beds and seeing our families again. While your sons and daughters were understandably upset, they are in high spirits now. We are resting at our hotel where they are having breakfast as I type and will have several hours to sleep before we have lunch and head back to the airport. I have to commend them for their resilience, flexibility, and mutual support for one another. I´d also be remiss if I didn´t acknowledge just how efficiently and cooly Erik Vincent handled the intense pressure of discerning our options and acting immediately to secure seats for all 21 travelers on three flights at the last minute.
Coming out of our homestays on Sunday and a wonderful day and night on the shores of lake Titicaca, we held a closing ceremony last night that revealed to us the depth and extent to which our students have grown and matured through their experiences over the last 2 weeks. Seeing them care for one another through the trials of this morning only further illustrates their growth. It has been very moving to witness.
Please know that the students are going strong for this last phase of our journey and can´t wait to see you again tomorrow. We will soon be on our way and will have limited access for communications. If you have any questions, you can call Simon Hart, director of school partnerships at Dragons in Colorado, at 720-254-2479.
All the best,
Chris Yarsawich
Assistant Director of Global Studies