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Hi I’m Emilie !

Hi everyone !

My name is Emilie and I am 16 years old. I go to the American school in London and just moved this year from New York, where I used to attend the French school. I speak fluently French and English, and have been studying Chinese since 5th grade. Chinese has been a hard yet amazing challenge for me throughout the years, one that has taught me perseverance and the art of learning something completely unrelated to the world and community I live in. Next year, I will be enrolled at the AP Chinese course at my School, and hope to gain more fluency this summer !

Apart from school, I am very interested in photography and the arts, and hope to take many amazing photos during our time in China. I am also part of the model UN club, will be editor of my school’s literary magazine next year, as well as take part in community partnership where I tutor small kids and help them with their homework.

This will be my second time in China, the last time being an exchange program that I participated in 8th grade where we stayed in Beijing and Shanghai. By signing up for the Dragons course this summer, I wanted to discover Chinese culture more deeply because my 8th grade exchange program, although incredibly culturally different from my day to day life, was simply two weeks in some of the most famous and “western” cities of China. I hope to discover other sides of Chinese culture and language, and be able to understand this country that still feels mysterious to me today. 

Attached here is a picture of me, as well as one of the photos I took last time I went to China, and finally one taken with my friends from New York.

Can’t wait to meet you all !