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Hi, I’m Charlotte

Hi Everyone,
My name is Charlotte although some of my closer friends call me Lulu so you can call me either. I’m a rising junior at Nightingale in NYC, but next year I’ll be transferring to a boarding school in Switzerland, Le Rosey. I’ve been taking Mandarin in school since 5th grade and did a similar program to this one last summer. This summer I’m looking forward to continuing trying new foods, practicing my Mandarin skills outside of the classroom, exploring new aspects of cultures and traditions, and building bonds with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I am especially eager to do my ISP project, as I am a fairly creatively wired student. Therefore, I have been involved in many creative extracurricular activities.
I have been taking fashion classes throughout middle and high school, which has proven Mandarin useful, especially because of the currently booming production industry in China. I also like to sew, and China has some of the most beautiful cheap silk that I have ever seen. In my free time, I also swim on a team, write fiction and poetry (I spend a lot of time working on a book), compose music (on the piano, guitar, and ukulele), sketch a little, and make pottery. I’m sure in China I’ll find newer and more imaginative and alternative ways to continue practicing these extracurriculars. Excited to share new experiences with all of you in a week or so–
See you all soon!

(I attached a picture of myself, me and a child from the LaBrang Monastery last summer, and my sister and me in a dress I made)