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Hey, I’m Ulysses: Student Introduction


My name is Ulysses, but I go by Uly. My Chinese name is 艾尤利 and I live in Denver, Colorado. I started studying Mandarin in 7th grade and I have continued to study it through High School. I chose to take Mandarin over Spanish or French because I wanted to better understand a culture so different from my own. This past school year I took the Chinese AP but I am far from fluent. In the classroom, it is hard to fully understand the culture. Personally, I can’t wait for the homestays. I am truly excited for the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture and better my language abilities. I am also excited to meet all of you and hear your stories!

Outside of the classroom, I play on our schools soccer team. I mainly play left bench, but if we are winning then I play right mid. I also manage our school’s girls soccer team and I am a part of our school’s robotics club. I also help run the Chinese club. We host Mandarin lunches where we bring in Chinese natives so we can practice our speaking.

The first picture attached is a picture of me. The second picture is one of my advisory. My advisory is led by my mandarin teacher who is in the center and I am at the top left. The third picture is of me at my brother’s wedding last month. I am on the very left because I was the tallest. The last picture is of our school’s girls soccer team at the state championships.

Lastly, thanks to Kyle for starting this off. I can’t want to meet you all in two weeks!