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hello everyone

Hey guys My name is Wendi. I am originally from Shanghai, and I moved to sunny San Diego after middle school. I just finished high school, and I will be heading to Babson College outside Boston in August. This is my very first Dragons trip. I have been wanting to go on this program since last year, but I had to take SAT classes and do college application stuff. I am super excited to meet everyone and explore Myanmar together. My favorite food is dim sum (except for chicken feet I hate chicken feet), In-n-out burgers, guac, and berry flavored smoothies, but I basically eat everything. I like a lot of music, like Disney, Hamilton and some rap but I guess it doesn’t matter because we can’t bring devices. I usually wake up late because I am always on my phone the night before, but I love early morning workouts. I will be so happy if anyone on the trip is down to wake me up early to go on an early morning hike and watch the sunrise together. If you guys are bringing any books, please post a Yak about it! I will post a yak about what I am bringing next week. Can’t wait to be in Myanmar!!