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Hello Everyone!

Hi! My name is Tava (tay-vuh) and I am 18 years old. I am from Colorado and have only been out of state twice (both times in the US). My first time on a plane was earlier this year. I don’t know what I would do without school or work, as I love to stay busy with both. In my free time, I prefer to be with my family & friends. I am currently enrolled in a program called Gateway to College, who has teamed up with WTBD to send me to Peru as the first ‘Dragon’s scholar’. A special thanks to my resource specialist, PJ, and the owner, Reed for making this trip a possibility for me.

I don’t have very personal connections with Peru other than odd facts that may arise when talking to others; like how the old general manager at my store was from Peru (but I didn’t have the chance to meet her), or choosing to do a biology project on deforestation in the Peruvian amazon.

After finding out I was going to Peru I knew immediately I wanted to research things like forest conservation and active efforts being made. That being said, my bio teacher last semester gave us the freedom to do a research project on a biome that has had negative human impacts of our choice and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about Peru, it’s economy, and the deforestation there. It was fascinating to learn about how big of an impact the government has on deforestation and it  only made me more eager to be there so soon.

Home to me is where my mind is at ease. Whether it be lost in a song or in the hug of a loved one. I’d like to think I can find home wherever I am, instead of having it be on single place. All in the mindset I guess.

photo: I am at the top left, my hand is on my uncle’s shoulder, who my aunt is leaning on, and behind her to the right is my twin brother.