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Hi all! My name is Sam and I’m 15. I like drawing, dancing, reading, and music (Lorde, the Mountain Goats, Enya, Mitski, Natalia Lafourcade, etc!) and I’m super excited to meet all of you. I also have a little experience with dragons myself — see my bearded dragon Giovanni in my picture!

I’m also super excited for the trekking – I don’t have much experience with long hikes, so it’ll definitely be something new! I’ve been taking Spanish at school for 3 years, so I’d consider myself conversational. I’m interested in linguistics and history, so what initially drew me to this course were definitely those aspects.

What I found out about Pachamama: she is the fertility goddess of the indigenous populations of the Andes. At different points in history, she has been considered a cruel goddess and a kind goddess — pre-Spanish conquest she was considered cruel, but when the Spaniards forced the indigenous people to convert to Catholocism Pachamama became somewhat merged with the Virgin Mary. Currently she is worshipped as a benevolent deity, and is especially honored before planting season.