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Guided Tour of Beijing

Today we went many places in Beijing such as the Forebidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Beijing art museum. At the Tiananmen Square it is a big square and you can tell the different artitecture styles. We saw one building dedicated to Mao Zeodeng, whom is America’s equalivent toward Abraham Lincoln. We also went to the Forbidden City in which the artitecture was different from Tiananmen Square. It was more extravagant and some had gold on the buildings. The forbidden City had many oak trees that have been there a long time. When we were in the forebidden City many people were taking photos of us because in Beijing it is very easy to tell who is a foreigner, it is not very diverse. Lunch was very good there was duck,rice,tofu and many other great foods. The last place we went before going back to the school was the museum art and it has been around for a longtime. We learned about Chinese masks and we actually painted a traditional mask. Our tour guide said these are authentic Chinese masks made in China. Also there we saw a “master”of glass art and she was making a horse out of glass. We also saw ladies making a pot out of copper the details were interesting. We also saw a man making a painting inside of glass and people used to store opium and other things. I really enjoyed today seeing the different architecture in both Tiananmen Square and forbidden City.I also really enjoyed seeing the many forms of art inside Beijing.