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Exploring Angkor Wat

We piled into tuk-tuks at 4:30 AM, determined to experience the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Upon arrival, we settled on the steps of an ancient library to enjoy the view. It was a magical moment, watching the sky fade from a pale purple to light blue. While the sun continued to climb upwards, Mara shared some information about the history of the Khmer empire and the ancient city complex. We gazed at the temple in admiration and awe-struck curiosity. Pressing onwards, we made our way into the main temple, eager to explore the space. Walking through the galleries, we marveled at the bas-relief friezes that decorated the building.

We took a break and enjoyed breakfast inside the temple complex. After we finished our meal, we hopped back into our tuk-tuks to drive further into Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer Empire. Soon we landed at Bayon, the temple located in the center of the city. Bayon is known for its towers decorated with 216 faces. It was a bit challenging to walk through the small paths around the various structures, plenty of tourists had filled the temple. It was time to move on. We visited the Royal Palace, the Terrace of Elephants and Bapoun.

Our last stop was Ta Prohm, the popular temple known for the trees growing out of the ruins. Fig, Kapok, and Banyan tree roots wrap around the walls and roofs of the various structures. Fatigued by the heat, we wrapped up our visit with some cool drinks and headed back to Metta Karuna to rest.