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Experiencing the Forbidden City

New cultures never fail to shock a person. A different language, a strange food, everything fails to be recognizable as familiar. For me, China has been breathtakingly shocking and full of beauty. Beijing has by far been the greatest culture change I have ever experienced! In just a few days, I have learned the skills needed to my only communicate, but to understand. There lies something special in this city, and its vast authenticity is AWESOME! Today we had the pleasure of walking in the same footsteps of the past emperors from the Ming and Ching dynasties. The Forbidden City exemplified the ancient feel of the city, and I rarely see something of its age and beauty. The yellow and red walking upon paths between the tall, detailed mansions proved to represent much more than ancient ideas. It was the heart of China! With every beat came its life, and with every step I felt alive. It was remarkable to stand in such a powerful place, yet powerless. For a second, I did not feel like a tourist or an outsider. For a second, I felt like a part of China.