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Day 5

Day 5:

   We started our day with a tour of the village. The village is dedicated to environmentally friendly farming and lifestyle. We saw a natural water  filtration system alongside underground digesters. After touring the village, we went to a local farm and harvested chives. Harvesting the chives was an experiment in patience. In order to properly harvest chives one must painstakingly look at each plant. After the chive harvest we proceeded to draft a lesson plan for the middle school students we would teach later today. We came up with various English words, games, and songs. However, upon coming to the school we realized we would not have the opportunity to teach. Rather, we would have a more interview style interaction with a small group of Chengdu students. After the interview, we all played different sports or chatted. This part was so fun because of the interactions we shared with the students. Anton tried to cross me in basketball, but failed miserably every time. One Chengdu student in particular had amazing basketball skills. Finally, we went to buy some snacks at the market and go home to our respective homestay famlies.

– Emmanuel Daudu