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Day 2: Phnom Penh

We began our day by walking over to a local breakfast place. The first dish brought out was instantly a group-favorite: Cha Kvai, which is a bread based food, and condensed milk to dip it in. After eating that, we all ended up ordering the same thing, beef noodle soup, which was very delicious in my opinion, and then headed back to the inn. We spent most of our morning on the rooftop balcony of the inn, getting ourselves ready and going over ground rules for the rest of the trip. Then the downpour came. We headed out to lunch in the Tuk-Tuks and ate various different meats with red and green curry. After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to wrap up with our orientation. We learned how to count in Khmer from one to nineteen, as well as how to say hello and other basic greetings. Later, we split into two groups and drew our stereotypical tourist and traveler. We came to the conclusion that we should act like travelers, rather than tourists, throughout the course. We went on our first adventure later that afternoon. We received a blessing from the monks at a local Wat, and explored the complex. You could see many dogs running about, as well as lots of monks going about their daily lives. After that, we headed over to the olympic complex. There were hundreds of people there, some playing soccer, some basketball, and some doing jazzersize. On every corner, a different song was playing, and fifty people were all doing the same dance. We couldn’t help ourselves, so we joined in. Once we were finished dancing, we walked around the complex, seeing what there was to offer. It was very cool to see what people in Cambodia do for fun when it comes to athletics. We went to dinner and ate delicious steak and fried rice. Also, a pepper challenge ensued, which resulted in most of the group burning their tongues off. Those who joined in felt accomplished, and we left the restaurant to the hotel. After a long day of learning and exploration, we all got some rest to refresh our minds and prepare ourselves for the next day.