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Zhongdian Hauptplatz, Yunnan, Gebetsmühle in Shangri-La

Day 1 and 2

Hi All,


This is a yak from a few days ago from Ethan!


Days 1 and 2By Ethan Lam and Josh McBride

It was early and dreary Monday morning, like super early and super dreary. A bunch of boys awkwardly tried to make conversation in front of the check-in kiosk for Air Canada. After saying their goodbyes and desperately trying to smoosh their luggage into the carry-on basket, we all headed to the TSA line for security. Dear lord, it took eons just to get to the conveyor belt. Something was found in Dr. Wu’s bag, thus causing us to wait a good little  while after getting out. Little did we all know that waiting for a small security error would be the least of our problems waiting.

Finally, we boarded the flight to Toronto. Thankfully, the flight only took a few hours.

Almost immediately after touchdown in Toronto, we had to get in line for the plane to Beijing. The plane was massive to say the least, having ten seats per row.  Despite this, the great majority of us ended up in center seats, making the flight tough.

Everybody underestimated the plane ride: Most of our phones had little function, and the movie selection was mostly limited to poor quality cash-grabs and foreign movies in Portugese. Not to mention, sleep was nearly impossible for most of us. After probably one of the most boring events of our lives, we finally ended up in Beijing.

The airport was beyond impressive. The architechture and design was elaborate and multifaceted. Beautiful views and works of art were nearly  everywhere. We next went through customs. It was surprisingly simple, but you could tell that the Chinese customs officers were just out of it., but nonetheless, it felt good to finally be in China.

We were all looking forward to a peaceful evening in Beijing, however it turned out we had yet ANOTHER flight to Kunming. At that point, we were just dead inside. But finally, after another four hour flight, we finally arrived. At baggage claim, we were greeted by a rather odd couple. A tall man with a northern British accent, Mark, and a Chinese woman, Ling. They both were  very kind and welcoming to us, and ushered everyone onto a bus for the 50 minute busride to the hostile.The hostile was surprisingly nice, and we were separated into bunks.

-P.S. just want to say that I love you mom, dad, Josh and Trevor, I miss y’all a bunch. And no, I have not eaten dog meat