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Dare there be Wagons

Boys (Seth),

It’s safe to say that the first two days of our trip have been tumultuous and a wild ride. The sound of the runway becomes dissonance  in our ears as the Wendy’s Baconater settles in our stomachs. Our glossy eyes roll back as our heads becomes numb with thoughts of candy and Guatemala.  As we lay on the hard cold floor that the airports presents us, our thoughts are consumed with the waves of nostalgia.

katherine trots in. Eyes full of hope and promise. Her voice echoes through the phone booths and the kids lean in and yearn for good news. She puts down the phone suddenly. She whips around and gazes over her flock, “up and at ‘em,” she cried and the students leapt in zeal

like a Shepard and her flock, a flood of eager students follow closely. Eyes pealed for the correct terminal, everyone’s juvenile dispair was ahead in wake of necessity and passion. Suddenly a team of ashen instructors approached and delivered crushing news, “no flight,” they said simply.  Like sacks of flour, students and bags dropped to the floor. Done. Done. Done


In case the boys analogy was a little difficult to understand, we’ve got a brief recap of our first 2 days (although it feels more like a week.) We started off the trip with an awkwardly silent meet-up at the Wall of Honor and tonight we laughed and messed around at Bass Pro, where you can buy camouflage overalls, knockoff ice creams and live bait in a vending machine (the true American experience).

More than a few times, we got stuck on a rollercoaster that would hype us up on hope and adrenaline and then send us tumbling back down into exhaustion and disappointment. But no matter how crazy the situation seemed to get, there was always a somewhat bright side! When our plane got cancelled, we got to meet and hang out with the other groups. When we were left flightless once again, we were able to leave the Miami airport, andwe drove to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we got a wonderful meal and cushy hotel rooms. While there were SO many hours of waiting and miles upon miles of walking through the airport, we believe that this setback is is just a minor blip in our trip. By the end of the month, we’ll see this as just another adventure!

Overall, these first two days have been jam-packed with chaos but have led to opportunities for us to bond through our conditions and our stress. From here, it can only get better.

Group A,

Dere there be Wagons