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Photo by Emily Shahrzad Rahravan, Indonesia Semester.

Cultural & Environmental Conservation

Hello, everyone!

We’ve both been feeling grateful and excited in reading your Yak posts. We hear genuine curiosity in your reflections and questions – about what’s at play in Indonesia, about the ways in which those themes and issues have implications for our lives in the US, and about how these concepts, questions and experiences can be drawn back into your classrooms and into the minds and hearts of your students. Seeing this level of engagement leading up to the course (amid busy lives and work schedules!) inspires us as educators, because it speaks to the richness of what we’ll be able to explore and experience together once we arrive in-country.

This week – our final week of pre-course learning – we’ll take a look at some of the issues of cultural and environmental conservation that are alive in Indonesia. As with all of our learning, we are getting gears turning for more on-the-ground inquiry, awareness and understanding.

Here’s a list of articles for you to enjoy, which differs slightly from the syllabus Dragons had already shared with you. Keep in mind that articles listed without links can be found in the “GEBG Indonesia Course – Participant Materials” folder on GDrive.

  1. Kortschak – The Bajau, At Home on the Sea
  2. CIEL – Unity and Diversity? Colonial and Post- Colonial Legacies. Whose Resources, Whose Common Good? Toward a New Paradigm of Environmental Justice and National Interest.
  3. Hau’ofa, Epeli – Our Sea of Islands
  4.  Lowe, Celia – The Magic of Place: Sama at Sea and on Land in Sulawesi, Indonesia
  5. Missing the Boat – Inside Indonesia, 2005

We’ll be using these articles as part of our curriculum on course, so we’ll have copies available for you to read in Indonesia as well. We encourage you to crack the “Bahasa Indonesia” language book and learn one or two words before you arrive. Every word will go a long way.

We’re looking forward to our last webinar with you from 7pm-8pm EST on June 7th. Even more so, we look forward to seeing you on June 14th in Jakarta!