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China; A First Impression

To be in a place that is so different, yet so similar is indescribable. In Beijing I find myself in a place where I am completely lost, I can not read the language, write it, or find my way among the crowds. Yet, I am still enjoying it. My host family has been unbelievably nice and I have a child’s wonder in everything around me. Beijing can neither be compared to the cramped confines of New York City, or the spread of Virginia Beach, it is unlike any other place I have ever been. As Billy, my host, lives further from school than most of his classmates I have been able to seee much of the city. The drive to and from school is constantly switching from gleeming skyscrapers to rows and rows of the exact same apartment building, and on to a vacant lot of a demolished building. To me it all seems almost fake, like a scene from a movie. Odd as it may be, the food is what really drives it home. Each meal is a new surprise, a box of chocolates. There is no garuntee that it will be good or bad, only different. Thankfully it has almost all been good. I hope that in my remaining time in Beijing I can retain the same sense of fascination and wonder in all the new experiences that surround me.