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Caravan Music!

Hi Silk Road people…

Made a modest Silk Road music list for you guys to tune in before we hit the road.

We chose some tunes that really get us going during travels, and we hope they offer the best this long winding road has to give.

Ak yol!


A nice intro with Chinese Pipa and Uyghur Dap drum.

One of our favourites by Shujaat Khan & Kayhan Kalhor.

Uyghur Tanbur master -Abdurehim Heyit.

Great Kurdish-Iranian singer, Yalda Abassi.

Supreme combination of Indian Sitar, Azeri Kamanche and Classical Persian poetry.

Tuvan throat singing groove all the way from the northern Steppe.

Mongol rock, by Hanggai.

Classical Persian music by “Ghamar”

Sacred Tanbur from the mountains of Kurdistan by the late sheikh Alinajad.

Persian Sufi music and poetry by Homay Mastan

Turkish singer Cengiz Ozkan, on the life of great Sufi mystic and poet, Yunus Emre.

Enchanting sounds of the Armenian Duduk

For any further recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask!

See you on the roads.