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Baggage fees and some other information

Hi students and families,

We wanted to make you aware that American Airlines is now charging a $25 baggage fee per bag (including the first) for the Miami to Guatemala City flight. Please bring that amount in cash or on a card with you for the trip.

Almost all students have now received a phone call from Katherine, Jochen, or I.  Only one student hasn’t, and she should expect a call from Katherine one Wednesday.  A big thank you to Anja and Rory who have gotten our student introductions started.  They look great!  We eagerly await introductions from other students!

I wanted to post another reminder about our meeting place in the Miami Airport.  Katherine will meet you at The “Wall of Honor” memorial located in Terminal D, Level 2 in the Miami Airport. Look for a large black marble wall with names inscribed on it.

Please keep an eye on the Yak board in the coming couple of weeks as we will continue to post information here.  Keep working on the pre-course assignments and getting ready for our trip.  We are super excited to meet you all in person!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Un gran abrazo,